battle_header Nickname Race Kill Lost Recruits Villages Honor Time win command win command Map
team L1TO
773 499 585 3 4934 00:25:49savewin
team Hackom
450 856 834 4 3455 00:25:49savewin
Battlefield (2)
Battlefield (2)
   Date game: 18/05/2018   katapult0   ballist0   tower0   tarans0   

Difficult and CPU

Difficult = Hard


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Chat (Creative idea by Don)

Time Nickname Friends/Enemies Текст сообщения
00:05:43 L1TO All now camp? :-)
00:05:55 Hackom All i atac you back
00:12:46 Hackom All good camp
00:12:52 L1TO All yopu
00:12:57 L1TO All thanks :)
00:12:60 L1TO All your map
00:15:40 L1TO All no multi inf. pls.
00:19:46 Hackom All i play in your hour is bad for me
00:19:49 Hackom All im work
00:19:56 L1TO All i`m working too my friend
00:20:35 Hackom All people call to me
00:20:40 L1TO All than surrender
00:20:43 L1TO All i have full
00:20:47 L1TO All you are taking time
00:20:50 L1TO All i dont know why :)
00:22:11 Hackom All i cant pñlay
00:22:20 Hackom All now i not here
00:22:27 L1TO All quit :)
00:22:30 L1TO All and gg
00:23:31 L1TO All stop running
00:23:36 L1TO All and take fighty
00:25:01 Hackom All ok gg
00:25:06 L1TO All finally...
00:25:24 L1TO All who is my next enemy?
00:25:25 Hackom All yes pepolo call to me
00:25:29 Hackom All i cant play